Night Adventure

Race info

Long course at night for the adventurous!

Night Adventure is the longest and the most demanding race distance of the event where the teams get to see urban Turku as well as quiet pristine forests and rural areas. Turku as a location offers new and interesting playground for multisport race in Finland. The Night Adventure has the most demanding course of the event in terms of length and terrain as well as with navigation. 3-member mixed teams are required to have orienteering skills both on mountain bikes, running and paddling. The race offers high quality maps, action packed course and a midnight sun which you don't want to miss. 

A mountain bike or fat bike is recommended as a bike as the route runs on trails of varying levels of difficulty as well as tractor tracks, dirt roads and asphalt. Running sections offer varying terrain, while the paddling sections run in flat water. To spice up a bit, the course will have surprising elements such as rope and water activities. So be prepared for everything!

The start is due on 9th of June on Friday evening at 23.00, so the teams get to experience the famous Finnish summer night when the sun doesn't set at all. You'll only need your head lamp for a short time during the darkest hours. The finish line awaits the fastest on Saturday morning, though the route is open until late Saturday afternoon. It takes about  10 hours for the fastest teams, but the route is open for 19 hours. The route is about 100 km in total, of which ca. 50 km of cycling, 20 km running and 25km kayaking. This race is an adventure race compressed into 10-19 hours as it runs through the night and have all the elements of a longer race.

We also offer Open category for teams of 1-5 persons. This is where the lonely riders or a group of friends get to test their limits! 

Entry fee (per 3-person mixed team):

210 € until 1.5. 

240 € 1.5 onwards

Max number of teams is 40


  • 3-person mixed teams (main category)
  • 3-person female teams
  • 3-person male teams
  • Open category

Open category entry fee (per person):

50€/person until 1.5.

60€/person 1.5. onwards

Time table:

Friday 9.6.2023:

18.00 Race center is open 

20.00 Maps, bibs and road book hand out 

22.00 Mass start

Saturday 10.6.2023

01.00 Race center opens 

08.00 The first teams over the finish line

12.00 Prize giving ceremony

17.00 Finish closes - last teams over the finish line 

19.00 Race center closes

Entry fee includes:

  • The course including the control points and activities during the race

  • Two map sets per team

  • A safety team

  • Paddling equipment: one double kayak per team, two paddles and two life vests.

  • The services in the competition center: parking, water, showers, bike cleaning

  • Food and drink after the race

  • Generous prices for the best teams 3-person mixed category (worth over 500€)

  • Bib vests

  • GPS and online results

  • Photos after the race in social media

Open category:

In the open category the composition of the team is free (1-5 persons). In terms of navigation, the route is easier than Night Adventure and all GPS devices are allowed. Also e-bikes are allowed. This category is suitable for persons and teams that want to experience a long course but with an easier twist. The Open category is suitable for teams with a little less experience in navigation. Open category teams should bring their free of choice paddling equipment. The paddling equipment is not included in the participation fee. Kindly ask kayaks for rent if you don't bring your own. Kayaking is in the sea near the shore or in a river. No white water.


*organizer can do equipment checks during the race
*electric bikes are allowed in open category 

Personal compulsory equipment

  • Drinking bottle/bag
  • Enough energy for the race (pay attention to the length of the race) 
  • bike
  • biking helmet (must be worn during rope activities)
  • Space blanket
  • beanie
  • Gloves (suitable for rope activities) 
  • Wind jacket 
  • Bike lights front and back. Head lamp is ok for front light. Back light must be red .
  • Note! Ability to swim is mandatory

Team compulsory equipment:

  • GPS-device (from organizer)
  • punching card (from organizer)
  • First aid kit (1pc first bandage, sports tape 5cm x 1m, desinfection liquid/pads
  • Whistle
  • Smart phone with camera (packed waterproof)
  • Bike tyre repairing kit (spare tube, pump)
  • Multitool
  • Waterproof map case
  • Pen and paper for notes

Recommended equipment

  • backpack
  • map holder for bike
  • duct tape
  • biking shoes
  • set of extra clothes according to weather
  • map case for protecting maps

Climbing equipment

The organizer takes care of all the equipment for rope activities. Racers will only bring gloves suitable for rope activities. The best gloves are the ones with a leather palm. A bike helmet must be worn in all rope activities.


The organizer provides one Star Duo double kayak, 2 paddles and 2 paddling vests for each team. In addition to this, the teams have to get themselves one single kayak, a paddle and a paddling vest, since all 3 team members are paddling together. The organizer will inform later where the competitors' own paddling equipment should be left before starting together. The single kayak can be of any type, taking into account the skills of the paddler, the paddling conditions and the speed of double kayak. The team can use their own paddles and paddling vests if they wish. Do not make any fixing adjustments to the kayaks which can damage the kayak. It is also possible to rent kayaks from the organizer. Contact the organizer if your team needs a rental kayak. 

Paddling equipment for the open category: the participation fee does not include paddling equipment. Each team member must provide their own kayak, paddle and paddling vest of their choice. A kayak can be a duo or a single.

GPS-tracking and results

Each team will receive a GPS tracking device before departure. The tracking link will be published before the competition on this page and on social media (Facebook and Instagram). The results will be published after the event on the competition's website and social media channels.


ARWS-rules (Adventure racing world series) will be applied to Turku City Adventure. Click the link below for the rules. The key rules: 

  • Checkpoints should be collected in chronological order unless otherwise stated in the route book 
  • The ranking is decided as follows: A) The most checkpoints collected B) the fastest time. This means that those who have completed the entire course are always ahead of the teams that have missed one or more checkpoints. Teams that missed a CP earlier in the race stay behind in the results of the teams that missed a CP later in the race. 
  • The team moves along the route together, the distance between team members may be max. 100m 

Additions and deviations to the rules announced by the competition organizer: 

  • On land, Star Duo duo kayaks must be carried, pulling kayaks will result in a time penalty of 1 h
  • General ARWS  equipment list will not be applied in Turku City Adventure. See the the equipment list above 

Star Duo double kayaks